idleghoul replied to your post “Stfu”

you look like Cool Guy in this picture A++ work

thank you ily

nuzleaf asked: Stfu

hey followers please attack this fellow for cyber bullying me thanks 

Anonymous asked: You're amazing Rivs


tideandsea replied to your post “I feel really dumb asking about this but does anyone remember that…”

It’s SCP-173 I think! It’s one of a series of over 2000 (I think????) similar stories

YAAAAS thank you so much and yeah there are a ton of them the SCP-173 isn’t even the best but it was popular for a while probably because it has the most creepypasta-ish picture to go along with the story

Anonymous asked: Could u please tag your selfies they trigger me. You look like my ex's new boyfriend

ok black list “rivs selfies”